Integrated Project Development Solutions
Hookmally is continuously improving by adopting a Lean approach driven by our solution providers in collaboration with with our Strategic and Trade Partners.
Lean Construction Management
Hookmally started its lean journey in 2014 and we are still learning daily as we strive to continuously improve.
Integrated Project Delivery
The Hookmally Team is committed to the improvement of the Construction Industry and to this end IPD is our next big quest.

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Project Management At Hookmally Ali Limited (HAL), we pride ourselves in our relationships and commitment to execute the project as per the clients’ goals and objectives.  With Design-Build projects being the order of the day, HAL has expanded its organization to transition into Lean Project Management to ensure project success and to stay current with the construction industry.  Given our experience in project execution, our Project Management (PM) system is based on value creation, waste reduction and continuous improvement.  Our PM model is an integrated approach driven by production, quality and safety based on Lean construction systems.
Construction Management Our collaborative hands-on approach to managing projects makes HAL stands out from the rest.  From inception to completion, we implement our customized resource management system in collaboration with our trade partners to ensure we eliminate waste and improve quality whilst working to build our projects on time and exceed the expectations of each client.
Hookmally Ali Limited is operated with strong family values passed down from generations of experience in the oil & gas and construction industry, and continues to be forged with strong community relationships.  Our focus on quality materials and workmanship is driven from the top down.  Along with on-site supervision, all of our subcontractors and material suppliers are selected based on their reputation for having a commitment to delivering a top-quality product in a timely manner.
Started out initially using the design-bid-build project delivery model, HAL has transcended to design-build, EPC and EPCM project delivery and in most recent times the company is embracing the Integrated Project Delivery approach to create more value for our clients. 
The procurement stage of a construction project is critical to the success of the project.  This stage is triggered when the labour, equipment and materials needed to complete the project successfully are acquired. As a solution provider – HAL through its industry partnerships provides procurement services for all selected construction materials imported from the USA, UK and China for project types, namely:
  • Warehousing
  • Shore Base Facilities
  • Pre-Engineered Facilities
  • Temporary Facilities
  • Procurement & Construction
  • Construction Site Facilities
  • Hotels Projects
  • Engineering
  • Resort Projects
  • Housing: Single Family, Duplex & Mid-Rise
  • Off-Site Office Accommodation
  • Form work & False work Solutions
  • Leased Facilities

  • Trucking & Haulage Services
  • Earthmoving Equipment Rental
  • Cranes & Lifting Equipment Rental 
  • Compressors & Generator Rentals
  • Scaffolding Rentals
  • Small Tool Sales & Services
  • Small Tool Rentals

  • Warehouse Designs
  • Structural Steel Fabrication & Detailing
  • Formwork Designs
  • Falsework Systems Designs
  • Shop Drawings
  • Construction Engineering

How We Manage Projects

At Hookmally Managing projects is a Integrated/collaborative experience where all partners are treated with respect, the management system is commitment based and our project environment promotes continuous improvement.

Our approach to work

Integrated Project Development Solutions

The industry is changing, our clients are looking for better project solutions for less. An integrated approach to building projects makes this possible. Hookmally is continuously improving by adopting a Lean approach driven by our solution providers in collaboration with with our strategic and Trade partners.

Lean Construction

Lean is far from a new concept. The term Lean was actually first used to describe the production principles applied in automobile manufacturing. Lean Construction Management is a collaboration-based management system that is founded on commitments and accountability. It requires a significant shift in the trust that each stakeholder places on another.

Integrated Project Delivery​

Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) is becoming more relevant as construction firms look for ways to improve productivity as the labor shortage continues and project failures increase. Unlike traditional Design-Bid-Build models, IPD is a collaborative effort. The owner, construction manager, and architect work together to plan and prepare the project. this approach increases transparency, lower project cost whilst improving productivity and reducing rework.

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